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Dr Rawat at Hiking

Meet Dr Anish Rawat M.D.

Memorial Village ER is Now Open and provides a BETTER choice for your emergency care. We have an amazing staff and wanted you to meet one of our favorite doctors – Anish Rawat M.D. Dr. Rawat is an emergency room…

26 Jul 2017
Shades of Snot

Shades of Snot

What the color of mucus – or snot – means is very misunderstood! After 10 years of practicing as an Emergency Room Physician, I find myself having to explain to my patients that the color, whether green, yellow, white, black,…

26 Jul 2017

Flood Safety Tips

As the Hurricane Season approaches here are some important things to remember. You need to: Understand the flood risk to your area. Prepare your home and property. Respond when water comes. Recover after a flood. You can prepare for flooding…

21 Jun 2017

Water Safety

  Swimming is the most popular summer activity!  To be sure that your family stay safe this summer, here are some helpful tips.   Teach children water safety and swimming skills at an early age. Always swim with a buddy;…

20 Jun 2017
Dry Drowning

Hey Doc!

Why is Dry Drowning making the news? On June 3rd, 2017, a week after swimming on a family vacation, a 4-year-old child died suddenly. The family was informed that the cause of death was due to a rare delayed physical…

19 Jun 2017

Happy Father’s Day

  Whether it’s his first or his fifth Father’s Day, here are a couple of easy ways to ensure your Dad has a memorable day! 1. Eliminate the pressure. Let Dad relax! Create a day that is completely free from…

17 Jun 2017
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