signs, symptoms and facts about colon cancer

Signs, Symptoms and Facts About Colon Cancer

03 Jan 2023

We know that talking about a subject like colon cancer can be difficult. While the subject can be scary, at Memorial Village ER, we believe that knowledge is the first step to successfully protecting your health and taking care of yourself. You don’t want to go to your local emergency room in Houston, TX, but if you notice signs of a colon-related emergency, it’s better to be prepared.

Today we will discuss the reasons for emergency colon surgery, how to get a colorectal screening, the signs of colon cancer in females, and whether colon cancer and bowel cancer are the same.

Colon Cancer Causes and Symptoms

Colon cancer symptoms can change based on where the cancer is located, how severely it has progressed, and any other underlying health issues a person may have. There are some common colon cancer symptoms to look out for, though; these include:

  • Changes in stool consistency
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Changes in bowel habits
  • Blood in the stool

Other problems can cause these, but if you notice these symptoms consistently or have a drastic change all at once, it’s a good idea to visit your local ER, like ours here at Memorial Village ER in Houston. We can check for colon cancer or any other colon-related issue.

While heredity and other factors may play a role, the most common cause of colon cancer is a lack of regular physical activity and a diet low in vitamins and minerals and high in fat.

When Should You Go to the ER For Colon Cancer?

While you will generally need a colon cancer specialist to formally diagnose you with colon cancer, if you notice continual symptoms like the ones listed above, it is best to head to the emergency room immediately. In particular, if you experience unexplained blood in your stool or ongoing discomfort in your stomach or abdomen, this can be a sign of colon cancer, and you should get treated immediately.

You may need emergency colon surgery, depending on how advanced the cancer is. In cases where cancer develops to the point that it has taken over a large section of the colon or has formed a blockage, it is almost always necessary to perform surgery to rectify the situation or else the patient could experience further harm.

Is Colon Cancer and Bowel Cancer the Same Thing?

While the two are very similar, bowel cancer is not always the same as colon cancer. Bowel cancer that starts in the large bowel and spreads to the colon can be called colorectal cancer; however, if cancer starts in the small bowel, it is considered a different form of cancer that is also much rare than colon cancer.

Early Signs of Colon Cancer in Females

The symptoms of colon cancer are very similar for men and women. Still, some symptoms that often get overlooked are chronic problems with changes in bowel movements, such as ongoing diarrhea, or constipation, with a feeling that the bowel is never empty.

Fatigue and weakness may also be present, which are another early warning sign in combination with continual bleeding, which can be dangerous for women as this can complicate other health concerns.

Can The ER Diagnose Colon Cancer?

The ER does not directly diagnose colon cancer, but through treating symptoms, it can send a patient to a doctor for a colon cancer screening, where they are typically diagnosed. Visit Memorial Village Emergency Room today if you experience these symptoms.

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