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Introduction of Flu

The ABC’s of the Influenza Vaccine

The 2017-2018 flu season is off to an early start, and data so far suggests it could be a doozy. To help prepare—or just help you brush up on your flu facts—here are answers to every critical flu question you…

22 Dec 2017
Happy Thanksgiving Day

ER Hospital Visits Spike During Thanksgiving: Here’s How to Avoid the ER!

Thanksgiving is regarded as a time for family togetherness and closeness. In reality, it is a holiday tailored for chaos! Why is there a spike in ER visits during Thanksgiving you may wonder?  Well, burning food, sharp knives, and the…

22 Nov 2017
Dont get sick

Don’t Get Sick!

Hello, it’s Dr. Vivian again from Memorial Village Emergency Room! Why am I writing this blog?  Well, as I am sitting on the couch next to my husband who is actively blowing his nose, coughing and complaining about how miserable…

01 Nov 2017
Health Dangers of Flooding

Health Dangers of Flooding

Contact with flood water may be unavoidable but we have to keep in mind that it can come with several health risks. Flood water is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and in the last week, at Memorial Village ER,…

10 Sep 2017
Providing Help During Hurricane Harvey

Providing Help During Hurricane Harvey

Memorial Village ER has been open 24/7 during Hurricane Harvey’s devastating rains and will continue to be open 24/7 to serve the emergency needs of the Energy Corridor community. We are on the corner of Diary Ashford and Memorial Drive.…

31 Aug 2017
Basics Of CPR

Basics of CPR

Every year more than 350,000 cardiac arrests occur in the USA. When a person collapses from a cardiac arrest, the longer the body is without circulation, the lower the chance of survival. By performing CPR, blood is kept circulating in a persons…

16 Aug 2017
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