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Happy Father’s Day

  Whether it’s his first or his fifth Father’s Day, here are a couple of easy ways to ensure your Dad has a memorable day! 1. Eliminate the pressure. Let Dad relax! Create a day that is completely free from…

17 Jun 2017

Myths vs Facts About Freestanding Emergency

There has been a large influx of freestanding emergency departments and urgent care centers to the health care industry making it harder for consumers to understand the true value that freestanding emergency departments have to offer. Myth #1:  You will…

16 Jun 2017
Important Safety Tips for Summer

Important Safety Tips for Summer

Summer vacation is right around the corner! Waiting for us are lazy days, picnics, swimming, biking, playing at the park, traveling, and more. However, it’s important that you stay safe as you participate in summer activities such as these; here…

30 Mar 2017