Imaging Services in Houston

Houston Medical Imaging Center

Medical Imaging is a technique that enables physicians to see visual representations of the interior of the body. This allows our team to better understand your condition without the invasive methods that have been used previously. There are several types of imaging services offered at Memorial Village ER, including:

  • Multi-Slice CT Scans

  • Bedside Ultrasounds

  • Digital X-Rays

  • MRI

  • Cardiac ECHO

  • EKG

Anna At Imaging Services

Memorial Village ER Imaging Services

All imaging services at Memorial Village ER are done in-house using a state-of-the-art digital imaging center. This allows us to get you your results much faster than other Hospitals that do not have imaging centers. Digital Imaging provides much more detail than previously used x-rays, which further enables our team to take care of you better.

Imaging services conducted over time can additionally enable us to see changes in organ behavior and physiology, which helps us catch disorders quicker. With detailed multi-slice CT scans, we can create a much more detailed medical history for all of our patients and diagnose them much more efficiently. This can also allow us to determine if a condition will affect or spread to other parts of the body.