Detox and Addiction

Receiving formal drug detox in Houston is among the most significant steps in drug addiction recovery. An individual may be able to better benefit from the counseling effort and therapy they receive after being physically stabilized. At Memorial Village Emergency Room in Houston, TX, we offer medical detox to help patients overwhelmed by drug use or overdoses and manage withdrawal symptoms that may occur in a patient. We allow patients to get immediate care for drug abuse or withdrawal complications.

What is Drug Detoxification?

Individuals who repeatedly and consistently use a substance may develop physical dependence in the long run. Physical dependence signifies the natural adaption of your body to the existence of a drug. Once the drug has been significantly established in the body, your body will require that drug to function normally.

If you are addicted to a substance or drug and abruptly discontinue or reduce its use, you may develop withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms can vary from one substance to another. Although some withdrawal symptoms can only cause mild discomfort, others can be life-threatening.

Our detoxification emergency room gives you a better chance of stabilizing before you get into a rehab program. Additionally, we can offer the urgent treatment you need if you overdose on a substance.

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What Substances Do We Detox Against?

Our emergency room near you will detox your body with drugs and substances such as fentanyl, opioid drugs, alcohol, and other drugs like methamphetamine and heroin.

What Happens During Drug Detox?

We understand that everyone’s detox needs are unique. Our drug detox process allows addicted individuals to receive personalized treatment. Once you come to our emergency room detox center, our medical team will screen you for mental and physical health issues.

We measure the drug amount in your system to help determine what level of medication you need. We comprehensively review your drug, psychiatric, and medical histories and use the information to help set up the foundation for your long-term treatment plan.

After evaluation at our emergency detox near you, we begin the stabilization step. Utilizing medical and psychological therapy, we help stabilize your body and mind to prevent harm. We prescribe addiction treatment medications that help prevent complications and reduce withdrawal symptoms.

It is not advisable to perform drug detox at home because the side effects can be painful and dangerous. Medically supervised detox allows you to detox in a comfortable and safe environment. Visit us to receive emergency room alcohol detox if you are addicted to alcohol.

Our alcohol withdrawal emergency room is equipped with the required equipment and medical personnel to handle your drug use complications and emergency issues or detox withdrawal symptoms.

How Long Will Detox Take?

The time it takes for one to detox varies based on many factors. It may take days or even months to get through their withdrawal symptoms. The timescale is influenced by the duration of addiction, the substance that has been abused, the method of abuse – for instance, injection and snorting – and the amount of substance an individual has taken.

If you have been abusing alcohol, the withdrawal symptoms can level off in just one week, but other drugs, such as benzodiazepines, may take longer for the patient to detox. It could take like two weeks or more.

Come to our ER if you seek an emergency room for opiate withdrawal. Our inpatient detox center around you will provide the support and monitoring you need during your drug detox treatment. Memorial Village Emergency Room is among the rapid detox center near you where you can seek help for your Houston opioid detox or other drug detox needs.

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