Understanding your Memorial Village ER Bill and Insurance Benefits

Medical billing can seem complicated and overwhelming, but we strive to make the process as simple and transparent as possible for our patients.

Patients with health insurance will get a statement called an explanation of benefits (EOB) in the mail from the insurance company that will explain the charges. It’s important to remember that your EOB is not itself bill; it is simply a statement explaining what was billed, how much was covered, and how much may be left over. Depending on your insurance plan, there may be remaining charges associated with the visit that will be your responsibility.

Memorial Village ER honors “in-network” deductibles and benefits for all private insurance plans. We will inform your insurance provider that our facility honors in-network benefits.

To understand the process and your benefits better, make sure to read the EOB you get from your insurance provider. This will help you to understand your policy coverage and other details like deductibles and co-insurance, as well as whether or not any other charges will be your responsibility.

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