Memorial Village ER’s Billing Policy

During your visit to Memorial Village ER we will collect your emergency room co-pay, which will be due in full at that time. Your insurance provider will be billed for the remaining charges.

Please note that emergency rooms must maintain a significant degree of preparedness at all times in order to effectively treat all patients’ emergency medical needs. Maintaining this high level of preparedness is more expensive than at other, non-emergency medical facilities. Emergency rooms will charge a facility fee to each patient in order to offset those costs and ensure that every patient has access to the life-saving care that they need. Our facility fee is calculated according to a point system based on multiple different factors including procedures performed, complexity of the physician/patient interaction, potential liability, and patient acuity.

If you have questions about your Memorial Village ER bill or our billing and insurance policies in general please contact billing at 832-699-3777

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