Happy Father’s Day

17 Jun 2017

No. 1 Dad


Whether it’s his first or his fifth Father’s Day, here are a couple of easy ways to ensure your Dad has a memorable day!

1. Eliminate the pressure. Let Dad relax! Create a day that is completely free from any pressure, even the pressure of having a “perfect day.” Allow Dad a day of no deadlines, no hassles, no chores, no having to fix anything, and no rushing about on this special day.

2. Spend time together. Unplug! Put away the smartphones, tablets, etc. and be present in the moment. Think about what Dad really likes to do, and make it happen. Get away from the house if you must, go on a picnic, lie in a hammock together, ask him about when he was younger, share stories and dreams together.

3. Spotlight your appreciation for him. Fathers want to know they are appreciated. Take time to tell your Dad how appreciative you are for all he does for you. Whether it’s reading your favorite book with you every night, playing basketball with you, or making you your favorite food to ensuring you make it to school on time. Tell him how much you need him. It is so important to remind Dad how much he means to us and why.

4. Focus on him. Instead of planning everything out for him, give him the gift of freedom and choice. Let him make decisions about what to do and how to spend the day. If he wants a few hours to himself, indulge him. He deserves it!

5. Praise the Father of your children. Show him how you feel by writing him a thank-you note detailing the ways he contributes to the family, how he gives moral and emotional support, what makes him a great parent and partner. If writing is not your forte, once the kids go to bed, make time to sit down and let him know how much you love him and appreciate him.

Wishing every Father a Magical and Memorable Father’s Day!

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