Where is the best ER near me?

01 Jun 2022

When searching for immediate care after a traumatic injury such as an automobile accident or other impact-related event, this is a relevant question. If you’re online searching for the “best ER near me,” Memorial Village Emergency Room is here to fill that role. Our emergency room’s first-class care, medical expertise, and convenience is the choice near you.

Visit us today regarding any concern you have about your health and possible broken or fractured bones. Professional diagnostics and immediate care are available in our Houston emergency room. We also provide information about broken bones and the signs and symptoms of broken bones below.

Overview of Broken Bones

Almost 2 million Americans experience a broken bone each year. Breakages can be caused by a fall, sports related injury, automobile accident, bone cancer, or a high force impact, to name a few examples. As you can summarize from this list of contributing factors to a broken bone, this type of injury is not age specific. However, national studies of broken bones indicate that sports-related injuries are the highest incidence of broken and fractured bones.

Signs And Symptoms of a Broken Bone

The most easy-to-recognize sign of a broken bone is a compound fracture because the bone breaks the surface of a patient’s skin. Sometimes known as open fractures, they should always receive immediate care from an emergency room near you. Other signs and symptoms of broken bones that have not broken through the skin include:

  • Pain in the affected area caused by muscles around the injury going into spasms
  • Swelling in the affected area caused by white blood cells and fluids rapidly moving to the injured area
  • Discoloration in the affected area can range in color depending on the oxygen level at the injury site
  • Deformity in the affected area caused by the bone’s displacement from its natural position
  • Reduction in pulse since a fractured bone could interfere with blood circulation
  • Reduced range of motion (if you suspect a broken bone, do not try to force movement)
  • Audible sounds at the injury site, known as crepitation, may or may not be present
  • Dizziness may be present as the body reacts to the injury, culminating in a fall and additional bone breakage

If you think you have fractured a bone, the most important thing you can do is immediately get medical help. We are available 24/7 to handle any medical emergency, whether a suspected broken or fractured bone, a concussion, or a heart attack.

Types of Broken Bones (Fracture)

There is a wide range of fractures that can occur. The most common are:

  • Stable fracture
  • Open or compound fracture (as mentioned earlier)
  • Transverse fracture
  • Buckle fracture
  • Oblique fracture
  • Comminuted fracture
  • Greenstick fracture

We use state-of-the-art imaging equipment to diagnose which type of fracture is present. Each type of imaging service we provide, such as digital x-rays and CT scans, ensures that you’ll receive an accurate diagnosis and treatment to stabilize and heal your broken or fractured bones.

How Is a Fracture Treated in The Emergency Room in Houston?

Much of the answer to this question depends on the type of fracture present (see above). We will explain every step of your treatment plan to you while visiting our Houston ER. For immediate reference, however, here are a few of the most common treatment protocols for broken bones:

  • Realignment
  • Splint
  • Cast
  • Surgery
  • Pain management

In some cases, a patient may need to undergo physical therapy following their treatment for a broken bone. Our doctors and care teams can facilitate this therapy if required.

When Should You Go to Memorial Village ER For Broken Bone?

When you’re unsure if you have a broken bone, getting it checked out by our doctors provides you with peace of mind and helpful documentation if it was related to a car accident or workplace injury. The takeaway about seeking care from our ER near you is that if you wonder about your condition, we can provide the care you need.

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