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Treatment Options for Eating Disorders

11 Mar 2022

The treatment of eating disorders depends on the specific conditions and the symptoms you have. Treatment for eating disorders includes several therapies, including psychotherapy, education on nutrition, therapeutic monitoring, and medicines.

Eating disorder treatment 77079 also involves checking on other health conditions brought by eating disorders. Some of these conditions can be severe and life-threatening if they are left untreated for long.

If you have an eating disorder that does not respond to standard treatment or causes some health problems, you might need hospitalization or other forms of inpatient programs. Memorial Village ER is available 24/7 for the treatment of eating disorders so visit us at your convenience.

Where Do You Start?

Many people start treatment by seeing a primary healthcare practitioner or mental health specialists like psychiatrists. However, you will get the real benefits from a team of experts specializing in eating disorder treatment. These professionals may include:

  • Expert in mental health – It can include a psychologist to provide psychological treatment. In addition, you might need to see a psychiatrist in case you need someone to help manage your prescriptions.
  • Registered dietician – This is a specialist for nutrition education and meal planning.
  • Medical and dental professionals – You need someone to treat your various health and dental needs.

Anyone involved in your treatment plan should communicate about your improvement so that your physician makes proper adjustments to your treatment plan.

Managing eating disorders in Houston is a life-long challenge, so you may need to continually see your treatment team regularly even the symptoms are under control.

The Treatment Plan

You will collaborate with your treatment team to develop goals and guidelines. The treatment team is beneficial in the following ways:

  • They help create a treatment plan that encompasses methods for alleviating the eating disorder and setting up treatment goals. They also guide you on what to do if it’s challenging to follow the treatment plan.
  • Physical complications treatment. Your treatment evaluates and deals with any health problems resulting from the eating condition.
  • Identify resources. Your team will work with you to determine the available resources within your reach that can help to meet your goals.

Psychological Therapy

This is the most crucial section in the eating disorder treatment near you. It involves regular visits to a mental health professional like a psychologist. Some forms of therapy include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy – It emphasizes the thoughts and feelings plus behaviors relating to the eating disorder. Get a psychological eating disorder treatment now to achieve healthy eating behaviors and deal with distorted thoughts that cause the eating disorder behaviors.
  • Family-based therapy – In involves the help of family members to help restore healthy eating schedules and reinstate healthy weight until you can do it solely. It’s handy for parents of teenagers with eating disorders.

Nutrition Education

This treatment involves registered dieticians and other specialists for your treatment. They give more insights into your eating disorder to develop a plan that will help you regain and maintain healthy food habits. The goals for this treatment may include:

  • Encouraging healthy weight
  • Understanding the effects of nutrition on your body
  • Practicing meal planning
  • Creating consistent eating patterns
  • Establishing anti-dieting and anti-bingeing steps
  • Addressing health issues resulting from malnutrition or obesity


Antidepressants are the most commonly used medication for eating conditions. However, depending on your situation, other medications can be prescribed.

Antidepressants may significantly help if you suffer from bulimia and binge-eating. They also minimize anxiety and depression symptoms which are recurrent among eating disorder patients.


Only severe physical and mental health issues necessitate hospitalization. These can be problems like anorexia that hinder weight gain and other serious problems that come with anorexia.

Your physician may recommend hydration and cardiac echo to address acute medical symptoms. Afterward, you can begin to normalize on a regular eating and weight gain.

At Memorial Village ER located in 77079, we are equipped with 24/7 Er physician’s and psychiatrist that are specialized in eating disorders. Our ER has COLA certified lab and Cardiac echo to support your need. For more info on our available treatments visit our website memorialvilla

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