Top Tips for Treating Eczema

Top Tips for Treating Eczema

12 Jul 2019

Have you noticed a change in your skin? Does its itchiness and scratchiness have you searching online for skin treatments near me? And more so, are you wondering whether or not you’re experiencing the symptoms of eczema? If you answered “yes” to even one of these questions, the following information will be helpful to understand more about what you may be experiencing.

The Symptoms of Eczema

Although the symptoms of eczema can vary from patient to patient and cause some of you reading this to wonder if you need treatment from an ER near you, following are the general symptoms of the condition:

  • Dry, cracked, red, and scaly skin
  • Itching that you know is not from an insect bite
  • Painful lesions and fluid-filled blisters
  • Change in the skin’s color or thickness at rash site

It’s important to point out that eczema is not the sign or symptom of a health condition on its own. Instead, it’s a reaction to any number of skin diseases. For that reason, medical intervention is typically needed to diagnose and treat skin-related conditions. However, there are some tips you can try at home before seeking help from an emergency room in Houston.

Medical Treatments and Top Tips for Treating Eczema at Home

Some of the more popular medical treatments to control eczema include hydrocortisone, antihistamines, and prescription medications – including injectables. But if you’d like to try to drill down on the condition before seeking treatment from an urgent care in Houston, we hope the following provide a great starting point:

  • The process of elimination. If you’re unsure what may be causing your condition, but suspect a culprit or two, try avoiding the suspected offenders to see if the condition clears up.
  • Water to the rescue. Studies show that mild forms of eczema respond well to a lukewarm compress. Note, however, that you should let the affected area air dry afterwards – do not roughen it with a towel to dry.
  • A routine is important, too. Just as a lukewarm compress can benefit the condition, having a regular bathing and moisturizing routine can also be beneficial in preventing dry skin – the perfect condition for eczema to flare up!
  • Alternative therapies such as supplements and organic cleansers. Check with your beauty counter professional, pharmacist, and friends to learn about alternative treatments that they can recommend. Believe it or not, the simple act of meditation has been shown to reduce stress – and reduce flare ups.

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