Tips to Parents for Children's Help

Tips to Help Parents of Children Who Self-Harm by Psychiatrist Dr Ferrin

12 Apr 2019

Realizing your child may be self-harming causes a lot of worry. It can be a shock to hear that your loved one deliberately hurts themselves, and you’ll want to help them as much as possible. A lot of people go about this in the wrong way, so Memorial Village ER has put together these tips for parents with children that self-harm. Psychiatric emergency services are available for patients in order to prevent fatal consequences.

Use Caution

If you believe your child or loved one is harming themselves deliberately, use caution when approaching them about the issue. Young people that harm themselves may feel ashamed on the behavior, so approaching them negatively is not recommended. Be calm and empathize with their situation and emotions.


When you begin the discussion with a child that self-harms, it is highly important to make sure you listen attentively so that they are encouraged to speak to you about their feelings. Younger people often feel like they are unheard or misunderstood by others, and creating a safe space allows them to discuss their thoughts and problems freely.

Be Empathetic

Keep it simple and use empathetic language that don’t show any negativity so that they have a chance to voice and validate their experiences. Show understanding and offer support and hope in a situation that may seem hopeless to your child.

More Practical Tips

There are other ways you can help your child open up about their problems and discuss self-harm, including:

  • Remaining calm
  • Validating their emotions and acknowledging struggles
  • Avoiding punishment or minimizing their emotions
  • Focus on the underlying issues rather than the act of self-harming
  • Encourage healthy coping strategies

You may also want to seek care from a psychiatric in Houston. In situations that are more urgent, visit an emergency room near you for immediate help for your child. The situation can be handled in an effective way as long as you remain calm and approach the situation in a cautious way that makes your child feel safe and heard.

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