Tips for Coping With the Effects of Trauma

Tips for Coping with The Effects of Trauma

01 Jun 2019

The thing about trauma is that no one plans for it to happen to them. Whether it’s the effects from an automobile accident, motorcycle accident, sports injury – or even the effects of emotional trauma – you may find yourself searching for a “Houston ER near me” when you least expect it. And although Memorial Village ER in Houston has a top-tier trauma care department, we also offer the following information to help you understand more about psychological and physical trauma.

Dealing with Trauma is Not a One-Size-Fits-All Type of Care

Whether you deal with your trauma on your own, or seek help from an ER 77079, it’s important to note that traumatic conditions and traumatic injuries affect every individual differently. Some factors that will impact your trauma response include your age, the length of time that you’ve endured the trauma, and the severity of the trauma. For that reason, remember that your situation is unique and should never be compared to anyone else’s for treatment modalities. However, there are some common coping strategies that most health care professionals will recommend. These include:

  • Creating a safe space in your mind where you can go to for comfort
  • Finding activities that produce calming – these can include yoga, a scented candle, or other easily accessible tools and resources
  • Surrounding yourself with people who not only understand your trauma, but are willing to provide comfort and support

And last, learn the facts about trauma – there are a lot of myths surrounding the symptoms and treatment. Although public knowledge of trauma is improving with each passing day, there are still myths that could benefit from being corrected.

If you’d like to learn the facts about the symptoms that you’re experiencing, Memorial Village ER can provide a treatment plan that’s best-suited for your individual situation.

Some Good News About Trauma Care in Houston

After a traumatic injury or event, it can feel like you’ve entered new world of unanswered questions and constant risk. You may even believe that your life has been changed forever. If you’re feeling that way, you’re not alone. Trauma leaves countless people feeling vulnerable and exposed. But over time, and with adequate treatment, recovery is possible. And even more encouraging news is that recent research has revealed that humans have the capacity to integrate their experiences in a way that can lead to positive changes.

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