Signs of Postpartum Depression

01 Apr 2021

After having a baby, many people expect to feel complete joy and happiness. If you struggle to feel happy after having a baby, you may have postpartum depression. Postpartum depression can make parenting even more difficult than it already is. If you show the following signs, get help to manage your symptoms and depression.

Lingering Baby Blues

The “baby blues” typically occur after giving birth. Your hormones are imbalanced, and that leads to mood swings and feeling a little bit blue. If you still feel sad or hopeless weeks after giving birth, or if the feelings intensify, you should seek medical help.

Consuming Sadness

Feeling emotional is common, especially after a major life event like giving birth. If you have frequent crying bursts or feel unhappy about being a parent, that could be one of the first signs of postpartum depression.

Losing Interest

As a new parent, you will likely find that you’re getting enjoyment out of different things. However, if nothing that used to bring you joy does now, that could be a sign of postpartum depression.

Difficulty Making Decisions

If you struggle to make even basic decisions, like getting out of bed or bathing your baby, that can be one of the early signs of postpartum depression.

Worry About Being a Good Mom

Every parent, experienced and new, worries about being a good enough parent for their kids. If you find your thoughts consumed about being a good enough mom, it may mean bigger problems.

Sleeping Patterns Change

Every new parent experiences new sleep patterns. If you cannot fall asleep, or if you find yourself sleeping all of the time, that can be a sign of something else affecting your sleep patterns.

Other Big Changes

Having a baby is already a major life change. If your new baby arrived around the time of other major life changes, like death or a big move, that could increase the chances of getting postpartum depression.

Thoughts of Self-Harm

Thinking of hurting yourself or your baby are major indicators of postpartum depression. If you think about harming yourself or others, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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