STDs in Women

Sexually Transmitted Diseases 101: Types, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

06 Dec 2021

STDs are often spread without symptoms, so it is important to get tested if sexually active. The diseases can affect anyone regardless of their sexual orientation or hygiene.

What Are Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are infections that people get from sexual contact with someone who has an STD. STDs can affect both men and women, but they’re much more common in people who have sexual contact with more than one partner or with a partner whose STI status is unknown.

It is crucial to get STD testing near you if you suspect you are infected because early diagnosis can increase your chances of preventing complications.

What Are the Sexually Transmitted Disease Symptoms in Men?

STDs present different symptoms in both men and women. Men can experience:

  • Pain and discomfort during urination
  • Bumps, sores, rashes around the genitals, testicles, mouth, and thighs
  • Unusual discharge
  • Swollen and painful testicles

But, these STD symptoms can vary based on the specific infection affecting men.

What Are the Symptoms of STD in Females?

In most cases, the STDs are benign. However, when it advances it can cause:

  • Pain and discomfort during urination or a sexual activity
  • Unusual discharge or bleeding
  • itchiness in and around the genital
  • Sores, rashes, bumps around the gentiles, buttocks, or thigh

What Are the Types of STDs?

There are many different types of STDs, and here are the most common:

1. Chlamydia

Bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis is the cause of Chlamydia infection, and it spreads through oral, vaginal, or anal sexual penetration. However, it can also spread to the baby during childbirth.

Chlamydia, like many other sexually transmitted diseases (STD), does not generally cause any symptoms and is therefore difficult to detect. If a person does not get treated for chlamydia, it can result in infertility and other complications. It is curable with early intervention.

Symptoms include a change in vaginal discharge and burning pain when urinating. Visit an emergency room near you for assessment and treatment when you notice discomfort when easing yourself.

2. Human papilloma Virus

HPV currently has no cure, but there is a vaccine against it. There are different strains of HPV, and some are more dangerous than others. The most common HPV strain is 16 and 18 that affects the cervix causing cervical cancer.

Most HPV infections don’t become malignant, but some strains are more likely to cause cancer than others.

3. Syphilis

Syphilis is a bacterial infection that can go unnoticed in the early stages. But, when the symptoms begin to develop, you may notice small round sores in the genitals, mouth, or rectum.

You may develop fatigue, fever, weight loss, or hair loss in the advanced stages.

If you leave untreated, syphilis can lead to loss of vision, hearing, and memory. You may also experience an infection of the brain and spinal cord and even death.

Fortunately, if caught early, syphilis can be treated with antibiotics, but it can be fatal if not treated.

4. Herpes

Herpes can be contracted through sexual contact or skin-to-skin contact.

The most common sign of having herpes is a cluster of bumps on your genital area that may be surrounded by reddish skin.

5. Trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis is caused by a protozoan that passes through sexual contact via the genitalia. The STD does not have symptoms in the early stages. However, it can cause burning or itching around the genitals, painful and frequent urination.

In women, the infection can cause an unpleasant and smelly discharge. If left untreated, trichomoniasis can cause urethra infection, PID (pelvic inflammatory disease), and infertility. It is important to get emergency care if you detect a fishy-like smelly discharge.

6. Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea develops due to Neisseria gonorrhoeae, and it is contagious. Without treatment, the infection can lead to threatening complications.

The bacteria thrive in warm and moist areas like the genitals, mouth, eye, and rectum.

The infection can cause green, yellow, beige, or white discharge, pain during urination, itching around the genitals, and a sore throat.

7. HIV

Human Immunodeficiency Virus attacks the immune system and gives room for opportunistic conditions. If left untreated, HIV can lead to AIDS and eventually death.

While HIV spreads through sexual contact, you can get infected from infected bodily fluids, needles, breastfeeding, and childbirth.

When Are STDs an Emergency?

If you experience any of the following symptoms after having sexual intercourse, seek emergency treatment. These STDs are diagnosed through tests, so do not try to diagnose them yourself.

STDs that are at risk for complication include genital herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, or trichomoniasis.

Visit an ER near you if you notice the symptoms mentioned above symptoms.

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