Secret Signs Of Hidden Depression

Secret Signs of Hidden Depression

18 Apr 2019

People in crisis are not alone; however, their feeling of loneliness is strong and real. This article will present ten secret signs for the benefit of family and friends to recognize certain symptoms of depression experienced by their loved one, and for individuals to recognize these signs within themselves.

The doctors and the team of psychiatric healthcare professionals at Memorial Village ER, a 24-hour emergency medical facility in Houston, Texas, want the public to know of its psychiatric services. These professionals at Memorial Village ER will be there for those in need and will provide the necessary support to family and friends.

The psychiatric emergency specialists will determine the best treatment program for the patient, but the patient and the disorder need to be made known to it. Below are ten recognizable signs of a hidden depression.

Not Happy. Not Unhappy

For many, the blocking of all emotion is a coping mechanism to thwart sadness. Complaining is not a sign of depression; it is the lack of any emotion that should trigger concern.

Unclear Thoughts

The processing of thoughts without a conclusion, along with the inability to focus, is one sign of this disorder.

Body Aches and Pains

Depression has a physical nature, and patients suffering from this disorder often mention physical discomfort.

Feeling Anti-Social

One can feel alone even in a crowd of friends and family. Those suffering from depression will recognize that their love ones and friends are there for them, but their presence will have a different effect.

Reckless Decisions

It will become noticeable by others that extreme decisions are being acted upon to negatively affect relationships and lifestyle. These actions will suddenly become very different from the known personality. Examples of these are a change in driving habits, excessive drinking, sexual encounters to the point of promiscuity or extreme exercising.

Past Activities Become Dreadful

Depression will change motivation and outlook to the point of lack of energy, or a person no longer feeling happy or satisfied with an activity or social interaction.

Random Irrational Anger

Anger is a sign of depression, especially in men. Frequent anger in men is parallel to a woman frequently crying.

Changes in Eating and Sleeping Habits

These are two elements over which the brain has complete control—whether a lack of control or over control. A person who feels fatigued in the morning is a symptom of depression because the sleep had been fitful.

Any changes in eating habits often coincide with the mental illness relating to food, like anorexia or bulimia.

Acting Out to Those Close

Even without the presence of depression, it is common in all of us to hurt those who are the closest. Those suffering from this imbalance try to comprehend their feelings by blaming others and by lashing out.

Appearing to be Happy

This symptom is the hardest to admit and to recognize as a bystander. Those suffering from depression believe they are hiding their symptoms by over-compensating their happiness or excitedness. The way to cope with sadness is to appear happy and fine to others.

The doctors and the psychiatric emergency specialists at Memorial Village ER, located in Houston, Texas, want the public to be aware of these symptoms within themselves and others in order to make needed decisions and take necessary actions.

Those in crisis need support, and the psychiatric professionals at Memorial Village ER is that support.

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