Psychiatric Emergency Services We Offer

Psychiatric Emergency Services We Offer

01 Nov 2019

At Memorial Village ER, we offer comprehensive, confidential, and compassionate emergency services in a caring environment to help you and your loved one regain control over your lives, and we serve individuals of all ages.

Our skilled psychiatrist has experience with a variety of disorders including bipolar disorder, alcoholism, and anxiety disorders, and these psychiatric emergency services are available throughout the year.

Don’t be intimidated by the word ‘psychiatric.’ These are just situations that cause people to act in a manner that is dangerous to them and people around them, and most situations are manageable with proper care.

Psychiatric Services Offered

Our clinic hospital offers a wide range of psychiatric services such as;

  • Alcohol addiction treatment

Alcohol addiction is a disorder characterized by the inability to control the amount of alcohol you drink and having erratic behaviors when you don’t drink. Although some people assume alcohol disorder to be a problem of ‘willpower’, it’s not. Rather, it is a brain disease caused by changes in the brain that make it hard for you to quit drinking alcohol.

Our psychiatrist will diagnose you with alcoholism if you have a strong desire to drink, can’t control your drinking, or being irritable when you don’t drink.

The treatment plan will depend on your situation and sometimes we use a combination of treatments to help you attain your goals.

  • Alcohol and drug detox treatments

Alcohol use disorder affects everyone and the symptoms range from mild to severe. Some people with alcohol-dependent disorders tend to have withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, depression, hallucinations, unstable blood pressure, and insomnia. These symptoms can be dangerous and uncomfortable, and that’s when we apply detox treatment.

Though it’s not a treatment, detox is the first step for alcohol treatment. We give you support during the withdrawal and provide medications to ease the symptoms.

Your withdrawal symptoms may last for a week and they worsen within the first 24 to 72 hours.

  • Bipolar disorder treatment

We treat bipolar disorder with mood stabilizers and antipsychotic drugs. Although medications are the cornerstone of our treatment plans, we also offer ongoing psychotherapy to help you understand and accept social and personal disruption caused by the disorder and how you can better cope with future episodes.

We employ cognitive-behavioral, family and group therapies. Electroconvulsive therapy can be used in severe cases or on depressed patients who don’t respond well to medications.

  • Anxiety disorder symptoms management

To manage anxiety disorders, we use a combination of therapies both psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy. Medication such as antidepressants and low dose antipsychotic drugs work for most people.

Besides drugs, the psychiatrist advice you to cut, lessen, or control foods and drinks that may aggravate the symptoms like caffeine and chocolate.

  • ADHD

Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder treatment can be used by both kids and adults. We use medicine and talk therapy to manage the symptoms. With proper dosage, your symptoms will subside and you have little side effects.

  • Eating disorder treatment

A treatment plan will depend on your eating disorder and symptoms, but generally, it will include a combination of nutrition education, psychological therapy, and medication. We may also address other medical and health problems caused by the disorder. If the treatment plan doesn’t improve with standard treatment, you may need hospitalization for observation.

Managing the eating disorder is a long term challenge, so you will need to work with our team regularly to ensure you stay on track.

  • Drug and chemical dependency

We offer a variety of treatment programs including inpatients and outpatient therapies. Our psychiatrist will create a specific treatment based on your age, overall health, symptoms, extent of dependency, type of substance and tolerance for specific procedures and medicines.

  • Come to Memorial Village ER

Our treatment approach seeks to engage patients and their family members to provide an all-around effective treatment. We create a treatment plan together based on your goals for optimal results.

Our psychiatric team prioritizes your safety and personal preferences to ensure you are comfortable with the plan.

Whether you are seeking treatment for alcohol dependency or anxiety disorders, our team is ready to create a customized plan for you. They will provide counseling and education to ensure a fast and successful recovery period.

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