Myths vs Facts About Freestanding Emergency

16 Jun 2017

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There has been a large influx of freestanding emergency departments and urgent care centers to the health care industry making it harder for consumers to understand the true value that freestanding emergency departments have to offer.

Myth #1:  You will receive the same medical care, at a freestanding emergency department, as you would at an urgent care center.

Fact #1:  Urgent care centers are equipped to treat minor medical conditions and are staffed by nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Urgent care centers operate similar to a PCP office with expanded night and weekend hours.
Conversely, freestanding emergency departments are staffed by board certified emergency physicians and are equipped to treat heart attacks, broken bones, complex laceration, head trauma, strokes just like any hospital based emergency department.

Myth #2:  A freestanding emergency department is not an emergency room.

Fact #2:  Freestanding emergency departments are licensed by the state to provide the same level of 24 hr emergency care as any emergency room based in a hospital. Just like a hospital, a freestanding emergency department is staffed by emergency trained physicians, emergency trained nurses and technicians. We provide complex laboratory and advanced imaging ( CT Scanner, Ultrasound, X-ray). A freestanding emergency department is equipped to treat high and low acuity illnesses: heart attacks, broken bones, lacerations, strokes, influenza, pneumonia, sprains and bruises.
Unlike hospital based emergency departments, freestanding emergency departments do not have long wait times, busy staff and uncomfortable waiting rooms. The average wait time to see a board certified physician at a freestanding emergency department is approximately 10 minutes.

Myth #3:  A freestanding emergency department “price gouges” patients.

Fact #3:  Freestanding emergency departments charge the same fees or less than a full service hospital!!!

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