Abdominal Pain Treatment

Functional Abdominal Pain: The Pain is Real

04 Feb 2019

Physicians are trained to test for symptoms and treat diseases. Chronic conditions, however, do not fall under this methodology – especially functional abdominal pain. There are thousands of individuals that experience pain in the abdomen that improves over time. But some children experience chronic pain that becomes debilitating. If your child has been experiencing abdominal pain for over 8 weeks, then they may have functional abdominal pain.

At Memorial Village ER we provide abdominal pain treatment in Houston, TX for children suffering from functional abdominal pain. Our staff is dedicated to making sure your child gets relief from symptoms by finding and treating the causes of the pain and discomfort.

What is it?

Functional abdominal pain is stomach pain that continues for several weeks. It is due to abnormal interactions between the brain and the gut. Children may experience episodes of diarrhea as well as constipation. They might also get frequent headaches or other uncomfortable symptoms that cause them to withdraw from activities like going to school or participating in sports and clubs.

How is it Diagnosed?

There is no way to tell if your child will suffer from functional abdominal pain, and it does not need any testing in order to make a diagnosis. Once Memorial Village ER knows the symptoms and does a physical, it will be diagnosed if the symptoms fit the criteria. However, further testing may be done if more alarming symptoms are noticed or if there is a family history of irritable bowel syndrome.

What is the Best Treatment?

Your child will be referred to a qualified gastroenterologist that specializes in functional abdominal pain treatment near you. This specialist can pinpoint any underlying cause of your child’s distress and work to relieve symptoms. They will identify triggers and look for an explanation for abdominal distress. They will also teach your child valuable coping techniques, so they do not miss out on life.

Your child can get the help they need at from a qualified medical professional that specializes in abdominal pain treatment in 77079 and the surrounding area. Do not wait any longer to find relief from stomach pain.

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