Emergency Room vs Urgent Care: Where to go

Emergency Room vs Urgent Care: Where to go

01 Dec 2018

To decide whether to go to the emergency room near you or to urgent care is usually left up to common sense when you think about it. Sometimes that is hard when it is your family and your heart is involved and makes you worried, especially if you have no medical background whatsoever, is more scary than ever.

Here in the Emergency Care in Houston, TX 77079 you might consider some of the following as guidelines to follow in the event you can’t make up your mind. If you or the patient has lot a tremendous amount of blood or they are not conscious; go to the emergency room immediately. Remember that infants and children cannot tolerate as much as a teenager or an adult, so you need to look at each individual person in a different light.

Think about this:

  • Can the injured person tolerate the pain? Have they blacked out?
  • Do you think it is life threatening?
  • Can you tell if there is a broken bone?
  • Do you think it is something that could wait to be seen in urgent care?

It seems like the insurance companies today do not want anyone to go to the emergency room, and no one wants to go there if it is unnecessary so that there is ample time for those who need emergent treatment. Besides, emergency room visits sometimes cost as much as one week in the hospital. The matter at hand, however, is if your family needs it to survive, it is worth every penny.

One thing that worries every parent is when their child has a fever. The older generation has put great fear into the younger generation that a fever can be dangerous and cause terrible brain damage. If you have a child with a high fever of say 103 degrees and he spits out everything you give him for the fever and you have tried everything else there is to try to get his fever down and it has not worked; it begins to put true fear into your heart.

Emergency Care in Houston, TX, 77079 staff will be quick to tell you that fevers below 104 degrees will not leave anyone brain damaged and the fever can actually help your child. They would also educate you on the fact that there is a suppository that you can give your child for those kids who you can’t get medicine down.

Another thing to watch is how your child is acting. If your kid has a fever but is acting normal, it is nothing to worry about. But, if your child has a fever and acting pretty sick and lethargic then you need to start to worry and you should have he/she further evaluated. If your child’s fever does not get over 104 degrees, there is no real reason to run to the emergency room.

How about urgent care?

Don’t you just hate the long lines at urgent care? Do you feel like it is worth it? Actually, YES. When you compare to the wait lines of 4 hours in about all of the Emergency Rooms of America, the urgent care lines are much shorter.

The first thing to keep in the forefront of your mind is that urgent cares are never equipped for major emergencies nor prepared for life-saving scenarios. They are for ‘urgent’ (requiring immediate attention) but not an ‘emergency’ (dangerous situation requiring immediate ACTION).

When you are making up your mind whether you should go to urgent care or the emergency room ask yourself these questions.

  • Is it emergent? (dangerous requiring immediate ACTION).
  • Is it urgent? (requiring immediate attention).
  • Is my loved one’s life in danger?
  • Could this wait until tomorrow?

If you or your loved one are dealing with something that seems relatively simple, then urgent care will be more than okay. If it is life-threatening, then definitely go straight to the emergency room. Urgent care is pricey, but nowhere near the price of an emergency room visit.

Remember that the Urgent Care is for matters that need to be handled quickly, but aren’t life threatening. We learned this difference once afternoon when my husband was having weird chest pains. He is a very healthy person so he was really alarmed. He decided to visit an Urgent Care to get some assistance and they immediately sent him on to an ER stating that potential heart problems are beyond their abilities. in case you are wondering, we did get a bill from both places, so know where you should go before you go.

I’m lucky enough to have a pediatrician that also has morning urgent care hours 5 days a week. When possible, I recommend finding a pediatric urgent care or emergency room so that you can get the best care for your child. Children’s Mercy has two pediatric emergency departments and three pediatric urgent care centers where the doctors and nurses are specially trained in helping children.

How do you decide if you should go to the emergency room or urgent care?

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