Does Your Cut Need Stitches?

Does Your Cut Need Stitches?

22 Aug 2019

Most people experience a minor cut or bruise at some point in their life, but at times a cut may need extra attention. You may need to visit an emergency room in 77079, such as Memorial Village ER, for treatment.

Signs You Need Medical Attention

When you get cut, it is important to know when to visit a 24-hour emergency room in 77079. By doing so, you reduce the risk of infection significantly. There are some signs to be aware of in order to avoid health issues – visit a Houston emergency clinic if you notice any of the signs below.

  • Bleeding is significant
  • The wound is open widely or gaping
  • The tissues underneath the epidermis are visible
  • A tendon is exposed
  • Numbness or the inability to move parts of the body
  • Foreign items may have gotten under the skin

What to Do Before Visiting an ER in Houston

One of the most important things you can do before visiting medical professionals at the emergency room near you is to stop any bleeding that is occurring. If you cannot stop the bleeding, slow it down by applying pressure or using an ice pack. If the bleeding has stopped, run it under water to dilute any bacteria in the wound and get rid of dirt.

How Will They Treat the Wound?

There are several ways your doctor may treat the infected wound. In some cases, the wound will need stitches. Sutures are a commonly used way to close wounds and keep the area from getting infected. Stapes, medical blue, and sterile strips could also be used depending on the severity of the wound and where it is located.

Which Types of Cuts Are Commonly Affected?

Some of the most common infections occur when the cut has resulted from an animal, such as a dog or a cat. Humans can also be a source of infection, as there are many bacteria on human hands and in the mouth. The hands are also prone to infection, so be careful when there is a cut on the hands.

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