Common Reasons Why People Visit an Emergency Room

Common Reasons Why People Visit an Emergency Room

16 Dec 2018

For many people looking for an Emergency Room Near you come to Memorial Village Emergency Room in 77079. Visiting the emergency room is an option if you can’t make it to your doctor’s office or if you have experienced a medical emergency. About 124 million patients visit emergency rooms in the United States each year. Here at Memorial Village ER, we offer 24-Hour Emergency Room Care. There are several issues as to why people visit the ER with some of the common reasons listed below.

Chest Pain

It is one of the main reasons most people show up in the emergency room because it is educated everywhere on TV, newspaper, magazine articles, and pamphlets that anyone that has chest pain seeks medical attention as soon as you possibly can get there. A heart attack can happen at any time with no warning except chest pain, shortness of breath, and sometimes sweating.

Abdominal Pain

There are several reasons why you would go to the ER with stomach pain. Most of the visits are with children that are complaining of pain that usually is associated with a hot appendix or a stomach virus although you will find there are some adults seeking treatment for the same reasons. Ulcers and kidney stones can also cause abdominal pain and prompt a visit to the ER.

Tooth Ache

A toothache can make many visits the ER because the pain can get so severe that they absolutely cannot stand it due to infection of a tooth that causes the pain to run into their ear and up the side of their head.

Ligament and Bone Issues

If you break a bone, it will certainly warrant a trip to the emergency room. Sprains are another reason why people of every age go to the ER, and the sprains and fractures can happen by doing almost anything around your house or slipping and falling when you are not at home.

Respiratory Issues

People have breathing issues due to the results of the flu, bronchitis, or a cold. Sometimes it can seem so bad that you will feel you need to visit the ER. If you are feeling short of breath, you should get to the Emergency Room to be examined by a doctor as soon as possible.

Bruises and Cuts

At times, you might get a cut that is deep enough that you will need stitches. If you should have bruises appear on your body for no apparent reason and are not on blood thinners, you should be examined.

Back Pain

There are a lot of reasons that people have back pain, like kidney stones and strained muscles. It is another common reason that people visit the Emergency Room because of the range of causes that could be present in the patient.


No matter what, any infection of the skin needs to be evaluated by a physician. There are so many infections now that are resistant to antibiotics that become flesh-eating in a matter of hours and cause loss of limb or life that it is essential for it to be followed up by a doctor. You may have other symptoms like pain and fever that you may not realize are warning signs that go along with your skin infection.

Odd Objects

It may seem strange, and it is most of the time, but foreign objects will find their way into the body. A foreign body in your body MUST be removed as soon as possible as death can happen depending on where the object is located.


When you get a headache, it can be brought on by so many factors. It can be caused by high blood pressure, stroke, stress, sinus infection, infected tooth, or a head injury. Here at Memorial Village Emergency Room, we can run tests to determine if you have an emergent problem and address what needs to be done as soon as possible.

Visiting Memorial Village Emergency Room

At Memorial Village, we aim to provide the best emergency room care for every patient. We are open 24/7 and staffed by board-certified ER doctors.

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