Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Brain Injury Rehabilitation 101

24 Oct 2018

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It is estimated that 1.5 million of Americans sustain a brain injury each year. Our Memorial Village ER receives many patients affected by a brain injury. This can dramatically change a person’s life in just a matter of seconds. It can affect the way an individual goes about their day to day life. Fortunately, there are several treatments available that help to restore patients and bring them back to the state they once were at. Continue reading on to learn more about brain injury rehabilitation.

Our emergency room in Houston, TX provides immediate care and attention for patients involved in a serious situation. We focus on treating the early phases of a brain injury. CAT scans, a neurological assessment, and a thorough body exam are essential. However, what happens after the patient leaves our care?

Various tests are done on the patient to best determine what area of the brain was affected. A neurophysiologist or a clinical evaluator will help to screen the brain injury. They will help to decide if rehabilitation is needed. The type and duration of each rehabilitation will vary patient to patient. Some people only require a couple weeks of rehabilitation while others will need several months. An individual can benefit from rehabilitation at any stage after the brain injury has occurred.

There are different types of emergency services that can assist in brain injury rehabilitation including cognitive therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, neurobehavioral therapy, vocational rehabilitation, and neuropsychological therapy. Alternative methods include meditation/mindfulness, biofield therapies, craniosacral therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

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Our emergency room in Houston, TX focuses on giving patients the best quality of care available when they need it the most. Regardless of what happens before you arrive in our urgent care, our team’s priority is taking care of you and giving you immediate attention. Call our emergency room or walk through the doors right away if you or your family is in need of professional medical help. The community and its families are always our main priority!

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