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Tips to Parents for Children's Help

Tips to Help Parents of Children Who Self-Harm by Psychiatrist Dr Ferrin

Realizing your child may be self-harming causes a lot of worry. It can be a shock to hear that your loved one deliberately hurts themselves, and you’ll want to help them as much as possible. A lot of people go…

12 Apr 2019
Communicate with your Doctor

How to Communicate with Your Doctor

Communication is essential in all areas of life. It is needed to learn plenty of valuable information and share ideas and discoveries. From ordering drinks to letting waiters know your allergies, communication is key to avoiding a trip to Memorial…

26 Mar 2019
Heat Stroke Treatment

Signs and Symptoms of Heat Stroke – Can We Do Anything About It?

When the sun in shining and the temperature is high, these beautiful days have a menacing risk: heat stroke. Heat stroke is quite a serious medical condition, occurring when the body has become overheated and is unable to cool off…

14 Mar 2019
Your Kids needs Help

3 Tips for Helping Your Kids When They’re in Pain

When your child is in pain, it can be the worst thing to witness. You may feel helpless and panic about your child, but remember to visit emergency care in Houston, TX if the illness or injury is severe. Visit…

16 Feb 2019
Abdominal Pain Treatment

Functional Abdominal Pain: The Pain is Real

Physicians are trained to test for symptoms and treat diseases. Chronic conditions, however, do not fall under this methodology – especially functional abdominal pain. There are thousands of individuals that experience pain in the abdomen that improves over time. But…

04 Feb 2019
8 Ways to Deal with Chronic Stomach Pain

8 Ways to Deal with Chronic Stomach Pain

Stomach ache is a common health issue which can happen due to any reason. Stomach pain can be in form of cramps or sharp stabbing pain which comes and goes every few minutes. If you are not able to deal…

16 Jan 2019