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Alcohol and Drug Addiction 101

Did you know 20 million Americans above 12 years of age have an addiction of some kind? And 100 people die daily as a result of a drug overdose?  Alcohol and drug addictions have been on the rise in the…

05 Feb 2020

Cardiology 101

Cardiology is a branch of medicine that deals with the heart. A cardiologist, therefore, is a specialist trained to diagnose and treat heart problems such as hypertension, heart attack, congestive heart failure, or stroke. Here are a few questions to…

01 Jan 2020

A Cardiac Emergency is More Than Sudden Chest Pain

It’s common for most people to associate a cardiac emergency with a heart attack. While that’s true, there are other reasons that someone like you may be searching for an ER near you to evaluate your need for emergency cardiology…

01 Dec 2019

Psychiatric Emergency Services We Offer

At Memorial Village ER, we offer comprehensive, confidential, and compassionate emergency services in a caring environment to help you and your loved one regain control over your lives, and we serve individuals of all ages. Our skilled psychiatrist has experience…

01 Nov 2019

What You Can Do When Dehydration Strikes

The perils of dehydration are not new. Most of us have heard about the symptoms that often accompany this potentially life-threatening condition, but a refresher may help save you from having to make a trip to an ER near you.…

01 Oct 2019

Less Stress, More Learning: Knowing the signs of stress in kids

The school year has begun and the new routine is in swing. While it’s a time for excitement, new friendships and new learning adventures, there’s a lot happening to kids emotionally during the start of the new school year. It’s…

10 Sep 2019
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